Contract or Temporary Staff

Contract or Temporary Staff

Around the world, companies of all shapes and sizes are struggling to manage expanded government regulations and unpredictable market demand. At the point when things are uncertain, you might not be in the mood to procure permanent representatives or employees working on a full time premise. You need the flexibility of an agile, on demand workforce who is prepared to carry out your business operations simply the way you want them to.

Metis Consulting offers reliable temporary staffing solutions on a contract basis that offer you the power to build your staff quality without engrossing them full time, help over burden employees during crucial circumstances, and keep the profit flowing. We are one of the leading employee leasing service provider in the market today, offering a complete financially savvy service , and productive Human Resource Management service to a company that might not have the necessary inclination or infrastructure to play out these work escalated projects. When you hire us as your temporary staffing service provider, we would work simply like HR Department of your own company, less the tediousness and hassles that you had to otherwise deal with.

Highlights of Metis Consulting’s temporary staffing services –

  • Standard contractual procedures that will be handled by us
  • Temporary employees who will stay on rolls with us
  • personnel and payroll service
  • Remittance of statutory payments, statutory compliance, and other related services
  • Registration of employee under the government schemes

We recruit for your needs  –

We have a demonstrated, completely tested recruitment procedure that enables us to recruit only the right person for your company. We have well spread network throughout the nation which give us access to an immense base of candidates. We enthusiastically screen, waitlist, and evaluate the candidate to give you the most apt picks.

Decrease the cost –

Our temporary or contract based staffing services will let you and your organization to staff up or down according to current business cycle and needs. Contract staffing lets you to enormously bring down your costs of hiring, providing benefits, and training to new employees, apart from the administrative costs of the human resources department. Apart from that it also gives a breathing space to your permanent staff that might be overloaded during the business cycle.

Reduce administrative burden –

There are hundreds of laws that a company has to follow before they are set to hire permanent staff for them, just to name a few – minimum wages, ESIC, PF, gratuity, etc. Metis Consulting takes over this burden from your head by acting as a temporary human resource department for all the temporary staffing needs and covers all the rules and regulation just for you including labour law compliance and other legal issues. At Reuben we have a whole team of compliance officers and legal heads to make sure that your company will be in complete follow all the necessary regulations of the market.

You can always approach us when you need staff for a specific project, a short duration, or to cover up the seasonal staffing shortage.