Contract workers can be a good solution for you if you are not in the position to hire and manage permanent workers. During business situations, there comes times where you need to hire contract staff in your company. Contract workers are not as dedicated as the permanent workers. Companies sometimes have excess work and to manage such work, you need to hire temporary or contract staff for the completion of the business work. So, you might be worried about managing temporary workers. If you don’t have prior experience in dealing with temporary workers, you may face some difficulties. Studies and research shows that temporary staffing is popular for some reasons and most employers partake in temporary staffing to reduce the cost and increase their profit. You can hire high caliber workers on the board to decrease the time for achieving deadlines and to increase the productivity as the need of hiring workers arises. Contract or temporary staff is the new staffing service that is feeding the industry with skilled workers to achieve goals.

Some tips to manage contract or temporary workers

  1. Understand what the workers want– Talk to the contract or temporary staff  you have hired for your needs and figure out why they are interested in doing such jobs? It will usually be money, a chance to improve their skills or the opportunity to work with great people around them. You need to ask yourself what you are giving them in return for their work for your company. You can ask this question to them directly and know what they expect out of this job and how to fulfill their wishes. It will motivate them to work with passion and helping you to achieve your goals.

  2. Set Expectations– You need to decide what you want from them in return and whether it is an accounting job or is it making a cash flow statement for your company. You can draft a statement with them explaining what has to be done and how and when it need to be done by. It will allow you to monitor the progress of the work. You need to spend some time with them to figure out their needs and goals. Because contract or temporary staff are not going to be with you at all times. You need to know when they are available and match it with your work requirements to get the work done.

  3. Build the Relationship– This is a very important aspect in building the relationship with the contract or temporary staff. You can stay away from them by saying that they are contract workers and not the permanent employee. But what if you want some of them to work for your company again. So, it is beneficial to know about their family, in which work they are interested and what other projects they are working on. All this will help you to know about them and taking work from them will be easier. Building relationships with the contract staff will always help.

  4. Make them feel part of your team– Research shows that contract workers expect their employers to treat them like their team members. To avoid status differentiation, you can provide them an ID card and the same dress code like other team members. It will help feel them that they are part of their team. You can invite them to your important meetings, bring them for water cooler conversations and can also add them into your email list. Compliance department of your company may argue that this may look more like team member and can lead to legal and tax purposes and managers may also argue that it may violate HR guidelines but still it is important to bring them in confidence that contract or temporary staff is a member of the team.

  5. Give Feedback-You don’t need to do a formal review with contract or temporary staff SydneyBut it does not mean that you should avoid them, you should tell them how they can improve on their work and build relationships.

  6. Pay them Well– You should not take the advantage of the contract or temporary staff Sydney as they also deserve fair treatment. If you pay them fairly it will add a lot of respect for you and they will be ready to work with you anytime you require them.