As a SME operating in the highly competitive fuel industry, Petrolink Engineering & sister company, Valvelink were faced with serious challenges brought on by the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).
To assist in re-positioning the businesses to achieve stability, sustainable growth and profits, Management engaged the assistance of Lyle Holm of Metis Consulting.
Lyle, as the principal consultant, was instrumental in working with Petrolink Mgt in restructuring our leadership team, introducing new skills in the area of sales development, project management and contract negotiation. These additional skills led to a transformation of the work force of our two businesses.
In addition to the work done in rebuilding our skills and workforce, Metis Consulting introduced new and more robust job costing and project management software, backed up by in-house accounting skills, regular financial analysis, budgeting and cash flow management. Being able to understand and manage the business drivers and by taking proactive “hands-on” measures on price, cost management has given us the ability to compete harder and with more surety of profitable outcomes.
From those early days of engagement, back in 2009, Metis Consulting has become an integral part of the Petrolink and Valvelink team working with us and providing a strong sounding board to the challenges and opportunities faced every day.
As a SME owner, I highly recommend having access to this specialised expertise whether you are starting out, are in a growth phase or perhaps in need of addressing specific challenges faced in your business.
Above all, I would strongly recommend Lyle and his team at Metis Consulting. Our ongoing working relationship is a testament enough to the valuable partnership we have forged over the years.

Barry Boné

Barry Boné AMS (Grad) AIDGC
Managing Director
Accredited Dangerous Goods Consultant
Qualified Hazardous Areas Specialist