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Financial and business analytics outsourcing is the process by which organizations outsource financial related intensive operations like bookkeeping, finance handling, accounting, financial inspecting, credit management and tax assessment to outsiders. Outsourcing finance and business related analysis guarantees better quality; low overall cost and simpler management.

In today’s market place India is considered as the centre point for IT and BPO benefits and is a standout amongst the most favoured destination for Financial and business analytics outsourcing. The extent and size of the finance and business services outsourcing process is best typified by the way that more than half of India’s company incomes is represented from the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance section.

Are you looking for expert financial and business analysis services for your company at a pocket friendly price? Outsource to Metis Consulting and get complete access to the best in financial and business analysis services in the market today.

Benefits of outsourcing financial and business analysis –

Outsourcing financial and business analysis services can offer you and your company with a bundle of benefits which include the following –

  • Because of the faster and more accurate data analysis, you have improved decision making ability.
  • You get an enhanced service levels which is the result of better usage of technology providing direct access to the up to date.
  • Helps in generating value for all stake holders concerned by reduced the costs up to 20-40%, enhanced quality and improved service.
  • With improved financial and business reporting it offers complete transparency in accordance to authoritarian compliance specifications as layout by the country’s laws.
  • You get a better knowledge management that will help you in improving the corporate bottom line.

What are the financial and business analysis services offered by Metis Consulting?

Metis Consulting offers its clients a host services in the area of financial and business analysis outsourcing. These consist of –

  • Business analysis and research
  • Financial analysis and research
  • Business financial statements
  • Analysis of business financial statements
  • Analysis of portfolio structures
  • Annual, monthly, and quarterly management reports
  • Complete analysis of important documents and prospectuses
  • Industry reports and fact books and analysis of competitor in the market
  • Breakeven point analysis, Financial ratio analysis, IRR and NPV analysis
  • Maintenance of libraries and databases
  • Audit committee and board of directors presentations on financial and business results and EHS compliance

Why outsource financial and business analysis services to Metis Consulting?

Metis Consulting has a team of very best of experienced professional statisticians, chartered accountants, and professionals with qualifications in MBA Finance from the best world school of business. Along with that our team of data entry operators and technical analysts offer the needed technical assistance to make sure seamless financial and business analysis is carried out.

Metis Consulting also offers its clients with a streamlined workforce providing you with desired results. By staying ahead with the up to date financial trends and implementing the latest finance and accounting services in our work, Metis Consulting helps your organization to draw value and increase overall profitability.