Finance and Capital Raising

Through our Business Advisory, Accounting, Tax Planning and Wealth creation services, Metis recognizes that critical to your success is your ability to be in the best possible shape to raise capital, borrow funds or access government grants  for investment in asset purchases, startups, Intellectual property, growth, acquisitions or simply to sustain your current level of business activity.

With this, Metis offers clients tailored Finance & Capital raising solutions as part of our suite of services, leveraging our capabilities and those relationships we hold and trust in the market to provide you the best possible financing options.

Metis is supported by finance specialists with access to wide panel of lenders where competition can give you the best possible interest rates, funding options while rationalizing or limiting the amount of asset security required to achieve funding approval.

Why Metis

As part of our unique relationship with our clients, Metis critically examines the financial engine room of your business, continuously, while working closely with you to present a healthy financial scorecard across a large number of critical measures banks or investors  assess when approving or renewing the funding for your business or personal assets.

At Metis, we work as an intermediary, removing the clutter of paperwork required by you to support a loan application, a review of your existing bank facilities, Investor requirements for Business Plans, Information Memorandums or IPO documentation.

Who Metis Services

At Metis, we offer these services to anyone seeking this support. Ideally, we can better service existing clients of our accounting, wealth creation, SMSF, tax and advisory and other services, where we can have you “borrower ready” with healthy financials, documentation, analysis and reports ready to supply. Lenders appreciate and value relationships with firms like Metis because we make the entire experience between the lender and customer more efficient and stress free.

Type of Finance Solutions

The types of facilities supported by Metis services, include:

  • Property Finance – Residential or rental property investment, commercial and industrial property
  • Working Capital Finance – Overdraft, Receivable & Trade finance for international or domestic customer & suppliers.
  • Asset Finance – Leasing, Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgages for motor vehicle, PPE & computers, fit-outs
  • Short term loans – Insurance funding, creditor payout, ATO Payments, marketing etc.
  • SMSF Funding – Funding of long-term investments for retirement.
  • Term loans – Long term debt financing for business acquisitions, major facility expansion and plant.
  • Whole of banking – Review and packaging/refinancing a mix of finance options for your business.