Finance Brokerage Referral Services

Finance Brokerage Referral Services

Metis Consulting works with a system of referral sources nationwide. We have possessed the capacity to hold and grow our referral network by making a liberal referral program. Our referral sources know they can believe their customers with us as we convey a high level state of client service and satisfaction. This implies longer customer withholding which equals a more drawn out commission stream to our referral sources.

We at Metis Consulting are aware of the fact that each deal is different therefore we are focused on tailoring the best referral package for each prospect. We take the time to comprehend the deal because we realize the partnership value with our referral sources.

What We Can Consider –

  • Start up companies
  • Transactions with terms longer than 80 days
  • Clients with credit problems previously
  • Companies going through a rapid growth

What We Will Not Consider

  • Progress payment transactions or construction receivables
  • Trucking receivables
  • Consumer receivables
  • Medical receivables

Helping Brokers Serve the Clients They Represent

Financial brokers work very hard to serve their clients; this work directly helps in maximizing the value of each and every lending opportunity a customer exploits. A broker can help a company two fold by blending the right lending program with each customer. Here at Metis Consulting, we value the sweat put down by the referrals and brokers in the growth of the company. Therefore, we have developed a special broker and referral program which gives you the power to do a little more for the customers you represent while giving us direct access to connect with the owners and the businessmen who are more likely to benefit from the countless commercial finance services Metis Consulting offer.

Ensuring Your Presence In The Deal –

There are many referral and broker programs that don’t allow the brokers to take part in the deal while the company is directly dealing with the client they brought. But here at Metis Consulting we do things differently. When you work as a broker for us we make sure that your client remains yours even if they don’t qualify for any of our referral programs. Since they know and trust you, your customer will keep on working with you. Whether we decide to fund them or not, they will be referred directly back to you. This will help you a lot to grow your professional network.

Our leading programs, client approach and services are all tailored made to meet specific needs of our client. Metis Consulting generally funds small to medium sized companies and businesses in industries that includes –

  • Transportation
  • Construction and other construction related service companies
  • Manufacturers
  • B2B service providers
  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Bio technology
  • High tech
  • Company generating commercial trade receivables
  • Staffing
  • Any business with trade receivables

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