Financial Projections and Analysis

Financial Projections and Analysis –

Your financial analysis and projection is your strategy for success in numbers. Many business visionaries find that setting up a financial or budgetary forecast is the most intimidating part of building up a business strategy for success. But if the finance and accounting strategy of your company is no longer making sense and you have no idea of exactly where to begin, we are here to help.

Whether you are looking forward to start a private limited company or a small business or a high grossing tech endeavor, Metis Consulting can help you set up a financial business model that fits perfectly with your specific situation.

Our financial projection process will refine the core of your business into a readable number of basic assumptions and an end result that helps you distinguish between what is important and what’s not.

At Metis, we customize our financial analysis and projection model to fit any shape and size of business, or we can also craft a brand new financial model from zero depending on what our client requires. The process of analysis and projection is an art and our team has all the necessary experience to help you get everything right.

We go all-out to follow several guiding principles when preparing the business model for your needs –

  1. We use simplifying assumptions to trim down the number of less priority work in your business at the start. This helps you and your company to focus completely on a more controllable number of assumptions at the starting line.
  2. We draw out a cause and effect relationships for your business model so that if a variable changes at any given time, everything which depends wholly or partially on that variable will also vary.


Key features of our standard business model are –

  • Balance sheet, Income statement, and cash flow statement.
  • Quarterly and annual summaries with monthly details.
  • Assumptions are organized, documented, arranged by category.
  • Extensive checking of errors that helps in quickly figuring out mistakes.
  • Entire business model is made available in PDF format.
  • All the necessary expenses grouped by department in-charge.
  • Revenue per employee and other important key ratios are set against the local industry standards.


Using your data, we prepare your financial projection process, which is measurable by nature and you can easily use them at the time when re-forecast is needed –

  • Sizing profit per unit – We are aware of the fact that fir a business margin is everything. For starters the difference between customer price and manufacturing cost must not be greater than 50%.
  • Sales volume – Sales volume from different channel needs a precise estimate and can be taken from the employees in your company who have to deliver.
  • Cash flow – It is the fact that net cash flow out is generally the single most necessary survival parameter in a business. Our financial projection and analysis have a separate head for projecting, tracking, and controlling cash flow.

Financial projections and analysis can be intimidating. But it is essential to have a solid financial forecast for a business to survive.