There are no topographical confinements in this day and age of information technology. Metis Consulting allows its clients to genuinely stretch out and avail the opportunities all around the globe. We are able to offer this service all because of the international offices and due to our diverse team. We fully understand the foreign market culture and will assist you on how to work with people from different nations.

Even more importantly, we know about the legal ramifications of international deals. We know the laws of different countries and help our clients comply with them. We allow you to enter international market without having to worry about making a mistake, as we use our international experience to give your company the advantage of experience.

In the event that you are looking forward to grow by offering your services abroad, use our international contacts and experience to decrease your cost and shifting time to market. With our direction and bolster we can help distinguish reasonable markets, diminish the risk of trading on foreign land and help find distributors partners, or agents in your chosen markets.

How We Can Help

Currency risk, cultural differences, apparently interminable and irrational government rules and regulations mean adding different levels of intricacy to your current business and are only a couple of the things to consider while planning to expand the business internationally. You can always talk to us and we will figure out how we can help you in meeting your goals. Whether you are planning for a complete fledged marketing and finance internationally, or just require help dealing with your international strategy for one or more nations – no matter what you need help with we are always there to help you figure things out.

International Business Planning and Marketing

At Metis Consulting we can help you with all sorts of business plans and marketing plans for you company before entering or expanding in international markets –

  • Market research, consist of screening to locate target markets which compliment the needs and requirements of your current business strategy, product mix, and company culture in the best way possible.
  • Helping you find partners on the foreign land to help you with localisation
  • Understanding foreign distribution channels and identifying competition.
  • Export opportunities, information, and selection and evaluation of market
  • International trade project and business investment with foreign countries
  • Categorizing suppliers, manufacturers, representatives distributors, and agents
  • Joint venture investment, wholly-owned, co-production, export, outsourcing processing
  • Offering training on world business and different trade practice, culture, business networks, and custom
  • Advice and updates on relevant government rules, regulations, policies, taxes, etc.
  • Figuring out trade / business and government missions to foreign land and synchronizing business activities accordingly
  • Packaging –bulk or finished packaged form
  • Supply chain logistics –warehousing, importation, and distribution

So are you looking forward to expand your business and sell internationally? Call us today, and we at Metis Consulting will make your business expanding overseas possible.