Our Approach

The Metis Way– Trusted Advice, Transformation & Technology

The Metis Way is our unique approach to business and Finance transformation and is largely defined by our name. The name ‘METIS’ has its origins in Greek mythology. METIS was a Greek goddess; a recognised symbol of wisdom. She represented intelligence, good counsel, skill and sound thinking.

The way we do business is based on these key principles and can be summarised as:

Trusted advice. We are your trusted advisor providing you sound commercial advice and insight, backed by more than three decades of business and finance experience.

Transform. We bring about profound transformation through strategic, practical and creative thinking. We transform the area that we are engaged to work in – whether it is Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Sales, Operations, Legal or General Management.

Technology. The currency, reliability and dependability of technology is core across all business functions. Part of our work is to ensure that technology is deployed appropriately and in a way to facilitate growth and leverage maximum productivity, quality and financial return.

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