Taxation and Auditing

Taxation and Auditing

Metis Consulting has over three decades of perfect track record of delivering financial services across the globe and one of our services is Taxation and auditing. Highly trained accountants along with the ISO 9001 certificate quality processes let us carry out excellent quality services and consistently meet turnaround time. International standard security practices and controls help us to safeguard classified information.

Managing auditing and taxation can itself be quite complex, and compared to a regular in house accountant, our expert specialist accountant will economically process and audit easily and hassle free. Our accountants are expert in delivering services using all prepared auditing and taxation system to put in order all kind of reports which meets all kind of standards.

With our Taxation and Auditing service let us take the hassle out of your general needs. Our team of professional experts includes financial advisors, tax agents, auditors and Chartered Accountants having all the necessary key skills to make sure that you pay the right amount of tax on time, every time.

Income tax returns – We are a firm offering taxation and auditing services, with registered tax agents to put in order the income tax returns for Sole Traders, Individuals Trusts, Companies, Superannuation Funds and Partnerships. We put forward a fixed fee for our clients, but offer huge discounts for the clients which we deal with throughout the year.

BAS or IAS lodgement – We have a team of registered tax agents and bookkeeping experts in Sydney, which gives us the power to handle the lodgement of your instalment activity statement and business activity statement needs.

Preparation of financial statement – We at Metis Consulting use the latest software to make sure that the financial statements that we process is as efficient as possible while at the same time making sure the necessary disclosures and notes are included as well. Our finalisation of financial statements ties in with the proper well prepared chart of accounts which make it easier to understand for the end user.

GST, Fuel Tax and Payroll Tax – Metis Consulting are experts in GST, Fuel Tax and Payroll Tax and have all the needed knowledge to help our clients in the best way possible.

Tax Office correspondence – We can help our clients with all sorts of communication with the ATO along with that can help you prepare requests or manage issues with private rulings.

We make use of the tax calculator to lend you a hand in helping you work out accurately the final amount that you need to be pay on your tax returns.

Best in the class tax services that we offer is to make sure that you don’t have to go through any nasty revelation after the tax deadline

Benefits of outsourcing –

  • Helps you to focus on core areas of the business and remain competitive in the present market.
  • Helps in removing in house barrier of staff.
  • Allows direct access to trained resources on demand.
  • Considerably brings down the cost of operation.
  • Allows litheness in scaling operations.
  • Saves huge investment on technology and infrastructure.

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