Why Us

Choosing the Right Business Advisory Partner

The right business advisory service can assist you and your business to rise to the challenges and take advantage of all the opportunities presented by today’s complex world economy. When hiring a business advisor to work with, there are few key considerations that you should keep in mind –

  • Always make sure that the advice given is grounded and the practices are backed by empirical data. Is the evidence behind the recommendations offered strong enough to hold ground in the present market scenario. The advisor you hire must have practical and real market implementation experience.
  • Always list down the scope of the expertise required of business advisor. Make sure that the advisor delivers functional as well as enterprise wide and specific insight to your business.Apart from that the business advisor should also be able to advise you on the day to day operations and long-term strategy of your business.
  • To what extent does the business advisor let for on demand access to their services? Is the service offered available to you from anywhere, at any time?

Metis Consulting a Fact Based Experienced Business Advisory Service –

Metis Consulting is known to offer business advisory programs based on evidence and empirical data to help management on subject matters of strategy development along with the day to day operations of the company. We at Metis Consulting offer specific functional expertise in all the key business roles as well as advise in venture wide issues such as business process outsourcing and business performance management. Our function specific advisory services are available for HR, finance, procurement, IT, and marketwide business services.

Here are the reasons why you can depend on Metis Consulting and keep you and your business in up and running in the top gear –

  • Quick response – We offer our clients a rapid response service with one of our consultants contacting you and providing a clear and concise approach to dealing with your needs.
  • Reputable – Metis Consulting has been in this business for around 10 years, and holds a reputation in the industry and the community. Over the years we have accomplishment large number of long term clients who are willing to put their trust in us year after year.
  • Experienced – We are known to hire only professional and experienced Advisors (CA / CPA qualified), Accountants and Bookkeeping staff in Sydney providing them with regular education opportunities that helps them stay in connection with the latest trends in the market.
  • Business savvy– We plan, analyse and rationalize our solutions from a systematic understanding of the market benefit for your business.
  • One Stop Shop– At Metis Consulting we handle all aspects of your company including finance and taxation, business management and advisory, BPO offshoring, and any other business related needs.